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Technician Services

At Mobile Med Surgical Inc. we train our surgical technicians using programs provided by the Laser Safety Institute of America.  We conduct yearly training with all of our surgical technicians, meeting JCAHO and ANSIZ136 standards.

Mobile Med Surgical Inc. helps deliver you an alternative to staffing a full time surgical technician. This is a cost effective solution to keeping you up to date with today’s ever-changing technology. Mobile Med Inc. will deliver to you a technician who is educated on today’s standards and ready to go. We participate in all major technician vendor programs such as; Reptrax, VendorMate and Vendor Credential Services.

Our Technicians meet the following standards:

– Laser Safety

– Responsibility

– Basic Life Saving (CPR)

– Bloodborn Pathogen

– Or Protocol

– HIPPA Compliant